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Do You also compare Your trade ideas with oders ?

2019-09-21 22:14:21

Are You all also comparing your trading ideas with other traders ? Mby with some ''pro'' trader TA and signals ?
I have been doing that and the outcome is really good. I feel more comfortable to enter trade, if im able to check bunch of trader ideas + learn something new.
Before I started to compare and check other trade ideas , i was failuring quite often - either I didnt enter trade, as i was not sure about right way or it was completely wrong and trade went to the opposite way.

So after few failures I did join one of ''signal groups'', of course it failed as well , as provided signal results in FREE channel where fake and signals + TA in VIP, was just total waste.
After some time i found leakers , for the same price what i paid to one group - now i have 70 or even more, didnt count. Entered them only because i saw TRIAL , and deam... there was so much information, TA , ideas and much more, that after trial i joined them for 1 year memebrship. And im happy that I found invite to their server , somewhere in bitcon forum.

Now im comparing my trade ideas with many TOP trader TA, signals and their thoughts. Im not following any signal what they offer , im just there to compare and learn something new - they even have many leaked trading courses, found them very useful. But I know guys in their chat , that follows signals even on blind , with no knowlege in crypto - and even they are making profit on trades + some of them buy their copy trader and just forget about crypto for month and then check their profit in binance or bitmex. Planing to try their bot as well, as im going to vacation - so will rest from everything.

Let me know, if You are also comparing trade ideas with others and where?

If you want to know the place where I brainstorm ideas , then here is invite to their server : You can get free trial:

Good Luck in trades!

2019-10-03 11:18:41
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